Wellbeing Under Pressure Workshop

Equip your people to be well and perform well, even through pressure and uncertainty
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Experiential half-day workshop

Gain confidence and strategies to help your people manage prolonged pressure well - minimise damage, maximise growth and support performance.

This workshop is designed by a cognitive scientist to maximise sustained learning and practice. You can expect a mix of science, best-practice research, experiential activities and practical tools.

Research shows the negative impacts of prolonged stress not managed well are crippling for individuals, teams and the services they seek to provide. However, when prolonged stress is managed well, the potential for personal and professional growth, although not an easy process, is significant.

Topics include:

  • The link between stress and performance - Understanding the biological drivers for performance in all areas of our lives.
  • What’s at stake? Growth or damage?
  • Getting intentional. Practical strategies for performance under pressure and preparing for what’s on the horizon.

Suggested audiences

  • Teams and organisations facing extra pressure, uncertainty or disruption
  • Teams who need to rise to the occasion when crisis hits
  • Teams who have been running hard and need a boost

Maximum participant number is set to 15 due to the experiential nature of the workshop.

What's included:

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Wellbeing Under Pressure Workshop
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