Recovery masterclass

Experiential 6 hour masterclass

Explore the typical patterns, impacts and strategies for recovery from disaster and mass disruption.

Build the knowledge to support communities to recover from disaster and continue operating well individually and collectively through prolonged stress and uncertainty.

Understand the complexity of working in a rapidly changing environment in order to respond well to the challenges and opportunities you can expect to encounter.

This masterclass covers the following topics:

• The role of secondary stress. Understand how secondary stress impacts those affected by disaster.

• The disaster affected brain. Understand how the disaster affected mind processes information differently.

• Key recovery leadership learnings. Benefit from the insights of more than 100 recovery leaders around the globe.

• Supporting those with a recovery role. Learn principles and strategies for supporting the supporters.

Suggested audiences

The masterclass is suitable for anyone providing services to disaster impacted people. It can be tailored to leadership, community or operational audiences.

The maximum participant number is 15 people due to the experiential nature of the workshop.

Recovery masterclass
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