Leading for Wellbeing and Performance Masterclass

Gain confidence, know-how and practical strategies for supporting the wellbeing and peak performance of your people.
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This masterclass offers strategies to help you as a leader support the wellbeing, resilience and performance of your people – and not just in ‘smooth’ times. Know how to maximize growth and performance and minimize damage for your people in difficult times.

This masterclass covering the following topics:

  • Workforce resilience: Understand the biological drivers for performance and what’s at stake (performance and growth or harm and damage). 
  • Pressure-tested principles and actions for supporting wellbeing and performance.
  • Practical tools and strategies you can apply now to support wellbeing and performance under pressure and to prepare your people for what may be on the horizon.
  • Set yourself up for the challenge you will face as a leader in tough times. How leadership in complex environments is different from traditional business as usual and why understanding and preparing yourself for the unique challenges will help your people.

‍This workshop is designed by a cognitive scientist to maximize sustained learning and practice. You can expect a mix of science, best-practice research, experiential activities and practical tools.

Included: A Doing Well tool and a world-class expert facilitator who has researched this topic globally and led teams in the most challenging situations. 

Suggested audiences

  • Future-thinking leaders who want to prepare their team to do well, especially under pressure
  • Leaders of teams who have been running hard and need a boost
  • Leaders of teams that will need to rise to the occasion when crisis hits
  • Leaders in organizations facing extra demand, pressure, uncertainty or disruption.

Recommended length 4 hours (condensed sessions are available).

What's included:

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Leading for Wellbeing and Performance Masterclass
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