Leadership in times of stress and uncertainty masterclass

Leadership tools and wisdom from crisis leaders for uncertain times
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Leadership tools and wisdom for uncertain times

Gain confidence and strategies to lead well and support teams through prolonged pressure and disruption.

Leadership through rapid change and disruption is exceptionally challenging. Leadership in this environment requires both the deployment of strategies and tools for supporting people through uncertainty, and intentional practices to sustain the ability to lead under cumulative load.

An understanding of the complexity of leadership in a rapidly changing environment is invaluable to allow leaders to respond well to the challenges and opportunities they will encounter. This masterclass offers strategies to support leaders and teams to minimise damage and maximise growth and performance in difficult times.

This masterclass covers the following topics:

  • Understand the leadership context: How leadership in complex and rapidly changing environments is different from traditional business as usual. Common challenges and the mass disruption curve.
  • Workforce resilience: Explore the link between stress and performance. Research, principles, strategies and practical tools to support leaders and teams in prolonged stress environments.
  • Leadership insights from disaster leaders around the world.
  • Strategies for lasting the distance as a leader under cumulative load.

Includes a world-class expert facilitator and a Doing Well resource per participant. Each participant will leave with their own wellbeing and resilience plan in place and a practical tool to support wellbeing under pressure with their team.

Maximum participant number is set to 15 due to the experiential nature of the workshop.

The length of this masterclass can be adapted to suit your needs - from 90 minutes to 3 hours, in-person or virtual.

Suggested audiences

  • Those in leadership roles who need to rise to the occasion in times of crisis.
  • Leaders who have found themselves relentlessly under pressure and are looking for practical strategies, or a reset and a boost.

What's included:

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Leadership in times of stress and uncertainty masterclass
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