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Dealing those impacted by COVID-19 a better hand.
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It can be hard to find something meaningful and helpful to buy for yourself or to give to those you care about. The Pandemic Pack is designed to help people deal to disruption.

These cards are packed with experience from disaster and disruption, backed by science, ready to help you and those you care about.

Elizabeth (disaster recovery expert) and Jolie (cognitive scientist) have helped thousands of people through disaster and disruption. They have created 30 all-star cards and put them in a box to send into a world that needs them right now. Featured in the Pandemic Pack is artwork from political cartoonist and artist Khalid Albaih.

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I need everything I can get right now. Hummingly's Pandemic Pack is divine. THANK YOU.

Shadoe Stone

Create your wellbeing and resilience plan in 3 steps

Step 1: Open and Divide

The cards come in a pack of 100. Once opened they can easily be divided into 6 coloured sections. Each of these sections is designed to help you know what to focus on to get you through challenging times:

1. Connect

Mobilise and get the best support from your support network when you need it most.

2. Tips for Turbulence

Tips, tricks and tales from people around the world to help steer you through rough times.

3. Prototype Your Body

Small experiments to help you work out how best to support your body to perform and stay well, even under pressure.

4. Damn Good Decisions

When the pressure is on that we need our decision-making powers to be at their best. Making poor decisions only adds to our load and our stress levels. These cards provide a range of questions that you can use to test key decisions.

5. The Cool Down

These cards help guide you when you risk coming undone under pressure. It is during the calm that you are best placed to reflect on your tendencies and work out your strategies before high emotion and stress hit.

6. Your Next Move

A range of ways to use the cards both by yourself, in teams and at home.

Step 2:
Choose your favourite cards

Choose your favourite cards from each section. Which cards will be most useful for you or your team when you are under pressure? Which cards resonate or jump out to you?

Step 3:
Build a wellbeing and resilience plan

Your chosen cards will form a wellbeing and resilience plan so you and your team are prepared when things get tough

Optional Extras

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Free Goodie

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A plug-and-play activity guide for leaders to use the Doing Well cards with teams over time.

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Extra Support

Enquire about the Doing Well Workshop

Our cards can be accompanied by a workshop delivered by Hummingly, which helps your people to implement the Doing Well cards and maximise the benefits.