Case Studies

Health workers under pressure - Task Force for Global Health

The Task Force for Global Health were alarmed by the serious effects of stress, burnout, and moral distress among field epidemiologists while dealing to the health challenges of COVID-19. Hummingly provided practical strategies to address the wellbeing of public health workers and shared knowledge and experience gained from working in global disasters.

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Moyne Shire Council responds to the COVID threat

Moyne Shire Council were looking for ways to support their staff through COVID so they could continue their vital role supporting communities. Hummingly delivered mass disruption masterclasses and the practical Doing Well tool to sustain performance.

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The mail must get through - New Zealand Post

New Zealand Post are committed to making safety and wellbeing the number one business priority. They were looking for something proven to help their people navigate the ongoing pressure caused by COVID. Hummingly rolled out three-hour masterclasses, Mass Disruption: Some Knowns in the Unknown and Leading through Stress and Uncertainty: Wisdom from 100 Crisis Leaders), with New Zealand Post managers across New Zealand.

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Wellbeing Snacks for a whole community

The Wellbeing Snack video series hit the mark with the Irish community in New Zealand as they support each other through COVID-19.

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