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Cultuurloop is a Dutch-based enterprise helping organisations build, manage and measure workplace culture. Cultuurloop are using Hummingly’s tools in their culture work but also to help organisations respond to the technology overload brought on by our new COVID world.
Cultuurloop – based in Europe, building great cultures in organisations the world over.
Changes to the way we work and live due to COVID are leading to technology overload and impacted staff wellbeing and organisational culture.
Hummingly’s Doing Well deck is part of an analogue response to give teams a digital break and a wellbeing boost.

Cultuurloop is seeing the impacts of COVID on the organisations they work with and on organisational culture. The COVID disruption combined with working from home is taking a toll. We are being bombarded with the technology and living our lives through text, email, zoom, slack, teams, chat... Add to that the colder and darker days of a European winter along with the increased stress of COVID realities and even the most optimist person starts to see things through the ‘glass half empty’ lens. In the words of Cultuurloop CEO Asiya Hasan-Damen, “The mind needs to be tended to now more than ever.”

Cultuurloop is using Hummingly’s Doing Well cards with teams and organisations to build healthy cultures. They believe that it is culture which defines and carries the experience an organisation takes to the world and it is culture which separates the great from the good! And in these COVID times, a healthy workplace culture has never been more important.

Hummingly’s Doing Well resource is aiding Cultuurloop in their work to support organisations impacted by the realities of working in a COVID world. In response to the technology overload they are seeing with COVID, Cultuurloop has released a publication of analogue team activities to soothe digital minds. The Doing Well deck features in their top 10 analogue ideas that teams are trialling through COVID times.

Jacinda Arden is not the only brilliant thing to come out of New Zealand, although she does deserve an extra shout out for being bloody brilliant. Elizabeth McNaughton and Jolie Wills are also two other brilliant ladies from New Zealand, and the creators of the "Doing Well" cards. After working with a number of teams with these cards, we know they are very effective and provide a practical method to support wellbeing.

Asiya Hasan-Damen – CEO Cultuurloop, Netherlands

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